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Sunrise photoshoots are worth the early wakeup. Check out my top 3 reasons to have a sunrise photoshoot!

#1 Beautiful lighting

I typically shoot photo sessions first thing in the morning to ensure we have beautiful lighting. As the sun rises, we'll have the opportunity to capture golden hour photos, soft light, and a little hard light as we finish the shoot. This is the best way to avoid harsh uneven light on your faces. Pictures look a lot better if you're not squinting into the camera because the sun is in your eyes.

How early is early?

Summer months - Around 7:00 am

Winter months - Around 8:00 am

#2 - Fewer people in the background of your photos

Do you love random people photobombing your photos? Me either! Depending on where you’re trying to capture images, spring and summer tends to make popular outdoor spots a lot busier. Getting up early in the morning is your best chance of avoiding the mistake of arriving at the perfect photoshoot location, only to have it covered with tourists snapping pictures.

#3 - It's cooler in the summer mornings

I'm sure you remember how hot the summer months are in the DMV area. Avoid the uncomfortable heat by shooting first thing in the morning. You'll be able to avoid looking hot or sweaty in your images. Your hair and makeup will remain fresh during the shoot.

I'm a huge fan of shooting first thing in the morning. I strongly encourage sunrise sessions. We'll avoid hoards of people, have beautiful lighting and you guys can stay cool in the summer months! If you want great photos with genuine moments in beautiful lighting while looking flawless. This might be a great choice for you. If it's impossible to make it to a sunrise session, please reach out and we can think of some location options that work with your busy schedule.

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