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It's important to consider whether or not you want to do a first look. Check out my top 5 reasons to have a first look!

What is a First Look?

The first look is when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. This intimate moment typically makes for an emotional photo opportunity.

#1 - look flawless

Your hair and makeup will look fresh in your photos. The best thing about getting formal photos done at the beginning of the day: you look incredible! Of course, you’ll both look amazing all day, but a first look is done before the ceremony and reception when your hair is in place, you haven’t cried off that mascara, and neither of you has gotten the chance to dirty your attire.

#2 - Get more photos

Scheduling time for photos before the ceremony with a first look and after your ceremony, ideally during sunset, allows for more beautiful photo opportunities. In addition, weddings are unpredictable and there are often delays. It would be a shame to reminisce about your wedding day and wish you had more photo time scheduled! It is not ideal to rush pictures after your ceremony for reasons like the sun already setting, rain, or a ceremony running longer than expected.

#3 - Spend more time celebrating

If you’re able to see each other before your ceremony, there’s no reason you can’t also plan to take some portraits, wedding party group shots, and even some of your posed family photos instead of waiting until cocktail hour. Many couples who (a) want to actually attend their cocktail hour, (b) want more time for bride and groom solo portraits will opt for getting some of the formal portraits taken care of before the ceremony.

#4 - Gives you an intimate private moment

You’ll rarely get a moment alone on your wedding day. First looks provide you the opportunity to share time together, just the two of you, and feel all the feels. This is also a great time if you'd like to say your vows privately.

#5 - optimal lighting

From a photography standpoint – we are able to pick a spot with optimal lighting for the first look. Sometimes ceremony locations don’t have the best lighting or a patch of sun is shining through the tree directly on your face. With a first look – these factors won’t be an issue.

I'm a huge fan of shooting a first look and I strongly encourage them! It ensures we have enough time for the couple's portraits. If you want great photos with genuine moments in beautiful lighting while looking flawless. This might be a great choice for you. If you're not interested and want to save that moment for when you're walking down the aisle, that's fine too! Please make sure you have plenty of time between your ceremony and reception so we can create stunning photos.

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