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Ever wondered how people get those seemingly perfect shots? Think about your ideal location, style, outfit, time, and enjoy yourself!

Engagement photography at the Lincoln Memorial


I could go on and on and on and on and.... well you get the point, but in a nutshell, think about how you would like your photos to look.

  • Is there a location that is special to you?

  • Do you like a clean bright look?

  • Do you want something showing off the great outdoors?

  • Or maybe you want a mixture of both? Check out this couple's session at the Lincoln Memorial.


Not sure where to begin? No problem! While you're scrolling through social media, save the pictures you like. Maybe you saw a really cute pose you want to try with your fiancé. Save it! When you share your mood board with me, we can bring your vision to life.

Beautiful couple engagement photoshoot


Decisions decisions! Torn between the perfect outfit for your photoshoot ?

  • Consider choosing something flattering and comfortable.

  • If you're doing a shoot with two or more people, try to color coordinate your outfits. This will take your shoot to the next level!

  • While polka dots, stripes and plaids are beautiful, think about opting for something less distracting like neutrals.

  • If you're wearing heels, bring a pair of flats to switch into while we walk to different areas for your shoot.


Picking the right time for your photoshoot is so important. I personally prefer shooting around sunrise or sunset. Why? You might've heard about something called "golden hour". Generally, it's the time of day where the lighting looks the most flattering on the subject. In comparison, shooting at noon when the sun is the highest in the sky, usually creates harsh shadows under the eye sockets unless your face is pointed toward the sun or if you're standing in the shade.

Depending on your location, there could also be crowds...which means... there will be other people in the background of your images. It's a good thing I'm a photoshop master. Check out this before and after.

If you're a photographer reading this article and would like an in-depth how to on removing objects in photoshop, ask any question in the comments below. I'm happy to help! In the meantime, check out this timelapse!

Have fun!

Last but not least, enjoy yourself. The photoshoot is all about you! Do you have any pre photoshoot jitters?

That's completely normal. Keep in mind that there's no way you can mess this up! I can help you with planning, styling, posing and anything else you need. It's actually a good thing if you don't have any professional modeling experience! It's great that we get to start from a blank slate! Feel free to practice in the mirror to see which poses make you look and feel great!

Best photographer in the DC area
Couples engagement session at the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial engagement photoshoot
Reagan & Bailey at the Lincoln Memorial

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